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What started out as a way to document the new home they were building, quickly turn into something more for Kelsey and Ryan. The couple was never into DIY, but they decided to start an Instagram page to share their latest projects. A year and a half later, Newbuild Newlyweds has grown to over 16,000 followers!

Newbuilt Newlyweds

Kelsey and Ryan describe their style as modern farmhouse. Throughout their house you’ll also find a few other styles, like boho and vintage. Kelsey said, “I like to mix and match different pieces to create our own unique style. Simply put, our style is us.”

fall decor

Over the years, Kelsey and Ryan have designed a number of different projects. So far, their favorite project is their newly renovated guest bathroom. The project was a part of the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge which is six week renovation challenge with 11 DIY teams, competing for a chance to win a dream vacation (follow Kelsey and Ryan’s progress). Their second favorite project is their office. “In this room, we build an awesome herringbone accent wall that compliments the space perfectly!” Be sure to check out their Instagram page for more images, including their upcoming reveals.

office design

Everyone gets inspired by something. For Kelsey and Ryan, they find most of their inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. “We will find 2-3 pictures that inspire us and mold them all into one design, creating a unique one of a kind design.” Kelsey can envision how a space will look in her head before they even exist. “While Ryan sometimes questions my design choices, once they’re executed, he loves it! Needless to say, we balance each other out.”

rustic dining room

Since fall is upon us, we asked Kelsey to share her top 5 tips for decorating for the season.


  1. “Make a first impression with your front porch! This is a given any time of the year, but especially for fall. Using lots of pumpkins, foliage, a cute door mat, and a fall sign will help create an inviting space.
  2. Mix in faux pumpkins! When using pumpkins in our décor, outside or inside, I like to mix real pumpkins with faux pumpkins. Yes, real ones look better, but you typically have your fall décor out for a few months and the faux ones last longer. Using both kinds creates a great mix.
  3. Use different textures and layers to add warmth to spaces. Throw blankets and throw pillows are a great way to do this and they can easily be changed out for the different seasons.
  4. If your décor style changes from year to year, you don’t need to buy new décor, just paint it! We painted so many old faux pumpkins this year so we could use them again.
  5. Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins!”

fall porch decor

What’s your favorite holiday?


“I LOVE New Year’s. It seems like a weird holiday to love, I feel like people usually say Christmas or Halloween. But I love the excitement of one year ending and a new one beginning. I love reflecting on the year that’s coming to a close and everything we’ve accomplished, trips we’ve taken, and the memories we have made together. I also love to think of all the possibilities of the year to come. We aren’t ones to make any New Year’s resolutions, but it’s fun to look forward to the future and celebrate with your loved ones.”


To see all of Newbuild Newlywed’s projects and designs, follow them on Instagram!

metal fall sign

To purchase their featured, “Thankful, Blessed, and Pumpkin Spice Obsessed” sign, click here.

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