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When it comes to making personalized metal signs, we know a thing or two. But when it comes to decorating a room, well, that’s another story.

Let’s face it, we’re metal guys!

So, instead of pretending to be interior designers (because we know we’re terrible actors), we’re partnering with those who know how to create one of a kind spaces.

The Search Begins

While searching for inspiration on Instagram, we ran across Our Wisconsin Nest. We were instantly drawn to her style and admired how everything worked together in her home.

Without hesitation, we knew we had to partner with her.

We decided to reach out to Miranda and see if she would share her story as well as a few design tips. Luckily, she agreed!

Miranda’s Story

“When I started “Our Wisconsin Nest” I didn’t really know what I was doing and I definitely didn’t think I would be at where I am today with over 11.7K followers on Instagram. My love for home decor sky rocketed after I joined the Instagram community. I’ve gained so much inspiration and love that my home now offers inspiration to others.

I was born and raised in Wisconsin but as of last fall, we now live in northern Illinois, just 15 minutes from our previous place. Even though we’re living in Illinois, I will always be a Wisconsinite. While we love our current home, we hope to move back to Wisconsin at some point.

My Style

When we bought our home, we knew we could see our lives here, but knew we needed to put in a lot of TLC to make this house our home. And believe me, we did!  When designing our new place, I knew I wanted to keep things neutral, that way for seasons and holidays I could add pops of color!  

My style has changed a bit. I’m currently loving our industrial farmhouse vibes. In my home, I love everything to feel bright and clean while keeping things cozy, warm and inviting. I also make sure that décor looks good but also remains functional as well. For example, our open shelving doesn’t just look stunning, but I actually use it for food storage by using glass canisters to store dry goods.”

If you love Our Wisconsin Nest as much as we did, we encourage you to follow her on Instagram: @ourwisconsinnest.

To purchase our “Hello” metal welcome sign, featured on Our Wisconsin Nest, click here.

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