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Christmas is one of our favorite times of the year and nothing gets us more excited for the season than decorating our home for the holiday season. Of course, when it comes to decorating, it’s best if we stick to making signs. Instead, we’ve asked one of our favorite influencers, Our Haven Bliss to share a few tips.

 Jen started Our Haven Bliss after her younger sister suggested she start her own Instagram page. Jen and her husband have always enjoyed doing projects and this was an opportunity to share their work with others. 

“My style is a mix of things I like,” Jen told us. “If I had to list my style, it would be a mix of modern farmhouse, mid-century, boho, and traditional all in one.”

When it comes to decorating for Christmas time, Jen goes all out. She shared some tips that she uses to decorate her home for the holidays.

  • Less is more – When it comes to decorating your home for Christmas, it’s easy to go overboard. Too many decorations can be overwhelming. Each piece of décor should stand out on its own, so keep it simple.
  • Go with what you love – Christmas means something different to everyone. Your décor should be a reflection of what Christmas means to you. That’s why it’s important to go with what you love. Put a personal touch on your Christmas décor.
  • Don’t forget the nostalgic pieces – Christmas wouldn’t be the same without past Christmas memories. Find pieces that bring back those memories.
  • Decorate in phases so it’s not overwhelming – We’ve all experienced overwhelm during the holidays. Decorating shouldn’t add to your overwhelm. To prevent this, don’t be afraid to decorate in phases. Start by putting up the tree, then slowly incorporate more pieces throughout the week.
  • Twinkle lights make everything magical – Nothing beats sitting in the dark and enjoying the twinkle of Christmas lights.

Finally, we asked Jen what her favorite Christmas tradition was. “Every year, my family takes a train to the center of Philadelphia to see all the Christmas decorations. We have several friends that join us, which makes the trip even more special.”

If you want to find some Christmas inspiration, follow Jen on Instagram (@OurHavenBliss)

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