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What started out as a passion for home décor and DIY projects, quickly turned into something bigger for Stacy. After receiving encouragement from friends and family, she decided to create Farmhouse to Fills as a way to share her latest projects. Since then, her Instagram page has grown to over 15K followers.

Stacy described her style as farmhouse with a boho touch, “boho farmhouse” or “farmhemian”, whichever you prefer. “I love neutrals, black and whites mixed with greenery. I can decorate with that year-round!”

boho farmhouse nursery

Although it’s tough to decide, Stacy’s favorite project was their covered patio renovation. “This room has been the most work, but it was also the most rewarding.” Stacy and her husband converted their covered patio into a closed-in office space. This project took a lot of sweat equity, but the end result was clearly worth it. “To watch the project from start to finish was an amazing experience, and to have done all the work ourselves made it even more special!”

farmhouse entry way

There’s an art to creating the perfect “boho farmhouse,” so Stacy agreed to share her top 5 tips.


  1. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to create the perfect look and feel. “I decorate on a budget, for every aspect of my home.” Be patient, wait for sales, and don’t be afraid to shop around until you find the perfect piece for your room.
  2. Before you jump in your car and head to the store, shop your home first. “I change up décor regularly and move pieces from room-to-room.” Just because you have a piece in a room, doesn’t mean it has to live in that room forever.
  3. Don’t over-do it. “I will admit, I went through this phase myself. I felt like every area of my home needed something and it ended up crowding my house. I have learned that less is more, and this applies to decor!”
  4. Avoid having everything match perfectly. “Personally, I think having different furniture pieces help pull a space together better than pieces that match.” Don’t be afraid to mix and match different items.
  5. Stick with YOUR style. “It’s tempting to get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing, especially on Instagram and Pinterest. Stay true to what you like, and you won’t get burnt out on a particular style.”

farmhouse living room

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Stacy gets her inspiration from Pinterest, home décor blogs and tv shows. “Every outlet has something unique to offer. I usually have a general idea what I want but I use these resources to help me leap into action.”

So, what are you waiting for? Go create your own “farmhemian” oasis!

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    What size is the Good Vibes Only one pictured on your site?? Thanks!!

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