Designing Your First Custom Metal Sign

The beautifully crafted metal sign in your best friend's house. You know, the one that makes you wish you had something similar in your home? If you've ever wondered how a product like that is created, we’ll break it down in this blog. 

When creating a custom metal sign, the process begins one of two ways. Either our team is designing something with the intention of putting a new product directly on our website or you’ve sent a custom request through My Metal Designs and we design something custom for you. Regardless of what led us to the final design, the process remains the same. 

You’ve sent an email with hopes of creating the perfect sign for your space, now what? Our team will review your email and the requirements of what you're looking to accomplish. In most cases, customers provide a description and/or an image (e.g. sketch, photo) clarifying the requirements of their metal sign. With that information, we sketch out a concept. By sketching concepts, we’re able to save time by evaluating several ideas at once, rather than trying to create a design on the computer with no guidance. Once we have a solid direction for one or more design concepts, we jump on the computer to complete the design digitally. If you're curious about which program we use to create our metal designs, the answer is several. In almost every case though, we use Adobe Illustrator, and although we love the program, we have uses for other programs as well.

Onto the fun stuff. After sketching design concepts and adding the concept to Illustrator, you’ll get an emailed proof for you to review. Love the design? Perfect, now it’s time to fill that void on your walls. A draft order is sent for you to formally place your order.

During the wait between the time your order is placed and you receive the tracking information, we’re working away on creating your metal sign. On our end, here’s a bit of what it looks like: your order is received, the order is put on our schedule, we cut your sign on our CNC plasma table, clean the part after being cut, sand, powder coat, and finally, package your item. Just like that, you’ve gone from an idea to a beautifully crafted metal sign that will fill your home with added character for years to come. 

Ready to get started? Start your custom design by getting ahold of us here.

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